“How to Future-Proof Your Foodservice Operations”


Meeting room with group tables. 3.5 hours, including a ‘working’ coffee break.


Why aim to be ‘future-proof’?  Everyone is already doing their best to keep up with rapid change in the foodservice market and the world around us. As such, next-generation urban restaurants need more adaptable, versatile facilities coupled with  smart, sustainable operations. Along with solid business (and people) skills, knowing how to create and operate future-proof facilities is the next essential addition to the foodservice professional’s toolkit.

What will you learn? In this workshop, you’ll discover emerging strategies to help you:

    • develop innovative concepts & menus that nurture sustainable food systems;
    • specify equipment/tech to maximize versatility & conserve resources; and
    • develop collaborative relationships to help sustain healthy, prosperous business operations.

How will you learn? Knowing the principles of sustainable restaurant operations is mission-critical, but impactful innovation comes in reimagining how to put those ideas into action.  Along with interactive, multimedia presentations, this workshop features group activities utilizing the ‘design thinking’ process to illustrate the measurable future-proof benefits available to your business and community.  

Who will you learn from? The workshop is facilitated by André LaRivière, sustainable foodservice expert and author of The Next Course, with video and in-person contributions from many noted chefs and restaurant operators. 

So, if you already have an idea for the next innovative restaurant experience, or simply want your current operations to ‘get ahead of the curve,’  this workshop is for you.

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