What if?

What will be the future of dining out?

Since its inception in Paris over 250 years ago, the restaurant has been a welcome, essential element of city life. With urban regions rapidly growing around the globe, today’s restaurants will play an increasingly vital role in sustaining communities. As with other modern necessities, the restaurant’s standard model would benefit from some timely innovation. The best and simplest way to kick-start that innovation is to ask a few good questions.

For The Next Course, sustainable foodservice consultant André LaRivière challenged notable chefs and restaurateurs, suppliers and city planners, with “what if?” questions. For example, what if restaurants were to localize product sourcing as much as possible? What if restaurants were to convert to renewable energy and use less of it? Their answers—and the dialogue they inspire—have the potential to future-proof urban dining.


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The Next Course explores all the key decisions that define every modern urban restaurant – front to back, top to bottom…and beyond.

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Before forging ahead, it’s best to know where you’ve been.  Read the little-known story of the origin of the modern restaurant.

...and many leading voices.

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The Next Course was first served in Vancouver in Autumn 2018.

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