Late summer/early fall is an ideal time to explore the fields and forests of BC for a bounty of tasty edibles, including wild greens, berries and, of course, mushrooms (though the weather’s been so unseasonably dry this year, pickings have been slim).

For Listel Hotel executive chef Chris Whittaker, however, foraging for menu ingredients is essentially a year-round commitment  – one that both preserves traditional flavours and promotes the future-forward value of our regional foodshed. On that firmly grounded kitchen philosophy, Whittaker and The Listel Hotel team made it official on Sept. 9th at Feast of Fields…. their new Robson Street restaurant (formerly O’Doul’s) will be named forage.

As you’ll soon discover in special “sneak peeks” here on The Next Course site,  forage will offer

a stylish, casually intimate atmosphere…serving innovative comfort food and beverages that make the most of top-quality local products.

Indeed, its new-model kitchen aims to eliminate one traditional technology – the can opener – as Whittaker uses his new gear to ‘put up’ seasonal and foraged products to flavour his menu creations any time of year.

In fact, new episodes of  The Next Course Video Chronicle accompany Chris on a few of his foraging farm tours around the Lower Mainland.

A more detailed guide to forage, its menu and features (and grand opening) are coming soon!