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Wrapping up…to look ahead.

There’s a whole lotta toasting going on in this, the final installment of The Next Course video chronicle

As they prepare to toast the completion and official grand opening of forage, the consortium partners share their thoughts on the project to-date, along with expectations for energy savings and other measurable green benefits to come in 2013 and beyond.

As well,  chef Chris prepares to debut his new menu, which features splendid toast made from in-house baked caraway rye bread (his grandmother’s recipe) and served along with other delicious local flavours on FSC-certified wood planks with the forage logo gently ‘toasted’ onto them.

Enjoy this look back at the project, and then come see (and taste) the results for yourself at forage… Vancouver’s newest sustainable restaurant -  by design.



In with the new – part two..

It was a long time coming. But it was worth the wait.

In this episode of The Next Course video chronicle, chef Chris Whittaker celebrates the arrival (and installation) of new energy-efficient equipment from Garland Canada for his kitchen at forage… which is now, by design, one of Vancouver’s most sustainable restaurants.

With everything now in place up front and in back, it’s almost time to celebrate the way ahead… and look back at how we got here.

That’s been a long time coming, too.  Catch it right here.



So, what are the key ingredients in a sustainable restaurant? And what will they look like when you put them all together?

In Episode 3 of The Next Course video chronicle, Chris and the Listel team start looking at some potential answers to these all-important questions with help from the experts.

Project designer David Nicolay of EVOKE International Design offers his experienced perspective on the concepts and materials that define a greener approach.

And Dan O’Brien of Halton Indoor Climate Systems surveys the kitchen to prep for installation of his company’s innovative M.A.R.V.E.L. air flow management system, which delivers improved performance and substantial energy savings.

Tune in every other week (or so) for another tasty episode of The Next Course.


Adding some (local) power smarts…


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that, when it comes to reducing the environmental ‘footprint’ of any restaurant,  reducing energy consumption is the best place to start.

Consider all the equipment and technologies in the kitchen and out front used to bake, chill, chop, broil, slice, blend, steam, fry, freeze, mix, boil, store, brew and, of course, illuminate the food and beverages typically served 20 hours a day, seven days a week… not to mention the systems needed to wash dishes, make ice and exhaust the heat that’s often hard to ‘stand’ in the kitchen.

So, if you can develop clear, measurable opportunities to conserve a bit of energy here and there in all these areas, or give efficiency a state-of-the art boost, it would most certainly add up to substantial savings to the restaurant’s bottom-line and reduce the pressure of  its eco-footprint. And, imagine if you were able to multiply this blueprint by the thousands of restaurants across the province, you’d be able to generate a significant reduction in the regular demand for power.

That’s exactly what Irfan Rehmanji of the Technology & Innovation team at BC Hydro Power Smart had in mind when he approached the O’Doul’s team with a big (and timely) idea on becoming a full partner in our renovation…