What if?

What will be the future of dining out?

Since its inception in Paris over 250 years ago, the restaurant has been a welcome, essential element of city life. With urban regions rapidly growing around the globe, today’s restaurants will play an increasingly vital role in sustaining communities. As with other modern necessities, the restaurant’s standard model would benefit from some timely innovation. The best and simplest way to kick-start that innovation is to ask a few good questions.

For The Next Course, sustainable foodservice consultant André LaRivière challenged notable chefs and restaurateurs, suppliers and city planners, with “what if?” questions. For example, what if restaurants were to localize product sourcing as much as possible? What if restaurants were to convert to renewable energy and use less of it? Their answers—and the dialogue they inspire—have the potential to future-proof urban dining.


The complete once-around...

The Next Course explores all the key decisions that define every modern urban restaurant – front to back, top to bottom…and beyond.

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Before forging ahead, it’s best to know where you’ve been.  Read the little-known story of the origin of the modern restaurant.

...and many leading voices.

“Chefs need to get out of the kitchen and into the community to respond to fresh changes. We need to connect.”

Andrea Carlson
Chef-owner, Burdock & Co./Harvest Community Foods

“Sure, we all have our ‘secret recipes’ and things we compete on, but we need to focus on the greater good.”

Warren Erhart
President, White Spot Ltd.

“The future needs ‘two pairs.’ To feed the planet, lentils and chickpeas. To solve our problems, education and values.”

Robert Clark
Chef/co-owner, The Fish Counter

“Some of the best restaurants I’ve found in my travels are approachable, walkable and welcoming to all residents.”

Andrea Reimer
Councillor, City of Vancouver

“In overall efficiency and impact, including environmental, there’s an economy of scale that produces real benefit…like a ‘social table.’ It’s a bit of cultural experiment, but what innovative business isn’t?”

Daniel Frankel
Founder & CEO, Tap & Barrel Restaurants

“I’m not hung up on gas. I’d burn compressed coconut husks. Cooking with flame is the goal.”

David Hawksworth
Owner-Executive Chef, Hawksworth Restaurant Group

“Passion for food as the primary engine of culinary recruitment is over. We need to be clear on the opportunity when we open doors to a future in the industry.”

Mary Mackay
Director of Product Innovation, Terra Breads

“I won’t be surprised if the next generation of diners will have the chance to sample entirely new foods.”

Juno Kim
Chef/owner, Juno Kim Catering

“Let’s redefine what real estate means for a restaurant. We already know it’s not going to get any easier to come by.”

Matthew Corrin
Founder & CEO, Freshii

“From now on, along with a firm commitment to sustainable operations, anyone opening a restaurant should be required to satisfy standards based on education and experience.”

Vikram Vij
Chef-owner, Vij's Group of Restaurants

“Working in the restaurant business is just not a trade anymore. We have social responsibility.”

Chris Whittaker
Executive Chef, Forage/Timber (Listel Hotel)

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